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Divine warden
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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 72–73

A divine warden is a construct created for the protection of the followers or holy sites of a faith. The divine warden will typically stay in and around the site it has been created to defend, but is not strictly bound to that location.[1] Rarely, a deity may grant a location a divine warden in times of great need.[2]


Divine wardens are created much in the same way as other constructs, and as such have as varied of an appearance as other similar creations. Clay, stone, and wood are all quite common. Divine wardens most often at least resemble the local understanding of the appearance of a deity or their herald.[1] Occasionally, either by divine intervention or a particularly knowledgeable craftsperson, a divine warden may be crafted in the image of a great hero of the faith as well.[2]


While there is natural variance between faiths and even specific temples, divine wardens have some broad similarities across religions. Divine wardens are granted some basic spellcasting abilities by their associated deity and that deity's areas of concern that are most relevant to the faithful that created the construct, and clerics of the faith are able to use the divine warden as a focal point for some of their abilities as well. Followers of the faith that the divine construct represents, even if they are not from the original sect that constructed the creature, are generally immune from its hostility as long as they are properly adorned with icons of the faith. There is some indication that a non-follower can also gain this protection while wearing the appropriate holy or unholy symbol as well. Divine wardens are also capable martial combatants using the favored weapon of their deity.[2]


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