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Donatalus Bisby

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Donatalus Bisby
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Westcrown, Cheliax
Organization Pathfinder Society
Died 4606 AR

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 7

Donatalus Bisby was a famed Pathfinder, now deceased. He was the most well-known member among the celebrated adventuring party, the Amber Privateers.[1] Bisby launched his various expeditions from Delvehaven, a Pathfinder lodge in Westcrown, Cheliax.[2][1]


With the Amber Privateers, Bisby launched several successful and highly publicized forays into remote regions including the Crown of the World, the Rivers of No Return in the legendary half-caverns beneath the Isle of Phahalen, the jungles south of Sargava, and the remote reaches of Iobaria east of Brevoy.[1] He was also one of the first to visit the royal courts of the Miracle Samurai in Tian Xia and acquire the magical item, truecolor dye. [3] Bisby is further credited with recovering the once lost treaties "The Field of Endless Hues", penned by the deceased loremaster Forthas Tuchinault.[4]