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Level 5

Source: Hellknight Hill, pg(s). 86

Doorwardens are constructs built to imitate a door to which they are bound and tasked to protect. They are intelligent and sometimes speak to trespassers, but can never be persuaded to stand aside and will defend their charge until destroyed.[1]


Upon first glance, doorwardens look like ornate metallic doors that bear an embossment designed for bashing, and whose bar—that can be lowered to block entry—resembles an arm carrying a weapon. When intruders try to force their way in, the doorwarden transforms into a guard wielding the door as a tower shield. The original doorwardens, which were crafted by the elves to honour Alseta, are decorated by a mask resembling Alseta's. Other races that have adapted doorwardens often embellish theirs with their own symbols and sometimes weapons, like an axe for dwarven doorwardens.[1]


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