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Dou-Bral (pronounced due-BRAWL)1 was the son of the spirit-wolf Thron, and half-brother of the goddess Shelyn.2 During those mythical times, Dou-Bral had friendly relations with the other deities, even aiding them in the imprisonment of Rovagug by erecting the legendary Star Towers to seal the Rough Beast in its prison.3

Together, the brother and sister shared the portfolio of beauty, art, love and music but remained minor deities. After a conflict between the two of unknown origin, Dou-Bral left reality for the dark places between the planes: the Dark Tapestry.4 There he was possessed and corrupted by a powerful alien being which created him anew as the twisted and malevolent Zon-Kuthon. Upon his return to Golarion, Shelyn attempted to bring Dou-Bral back into his body, but was unsuccessful. It is believed that Dou-Bral still lives in some hidden prison in Zon-Kuthon's soul, but any attempts he has made to free himself have failed.5


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