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See also: Zon-Kuthon

Dou-Bral (pronounced due-BRAWL)[1] was the son of the spirit-wolf Thron, and half-brother of the goddess Shelyn.[2] During those mythical times, Dou-Bral had friendly relations with the other deities, even aiding them in the imprisonment of Rovagug by erecting the legendary Star Towers to seal the Rough Beast in its prison.[3]

Together, the brother and sister shared the portfolio of beauty, art, love and music but remained minor deities. After a conflict between the two of unknown origin, Dou-Bral left reality for the dark places between the planes: the Dark Tapestry.[4] There he was possessed and corrupted by a powerful alien being which created him anew as the twisted and malevolent Zon-Kuthon. Upon his return to Golarion, Shelyn attempted to bring Dou-Bral back into his body, but was unsuccessful. It is believed that Dou-Bral still lives in some hidden prison in Zon-Kuthon's soul, but any attempts he has made to free himself have failed.[5]


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