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The Star Towers maintain the seals imprisoning Rovagug, the Rough Beast, deep inside Golarion.1


The Rough Beast, Rovagug, was so mad and evil in his designs for the destruction of creation that the other deities united against him in a unique alliance. The gods succeeded in imprisoning Rovagug and his minions within the centre of Golarion after Sarenrae cut open the world. Once the Rough Beast was locked inside the oubliette, other deities all made contributions towards the maintenance of the Rough Beast's prison. Of these contributions, the Star Towers are the most well-known.1

Zon-Kuthon, then known as Dou-Bral,23 contributed by closing up the earth over Rovagug's prison before driving an array of Star Towers like spikes into the planet's surface to strengthen the seal.4

Known Star Towers

Many Star Towers now lie forgotten, but some are known:

The Tower of Slant Shadows
This spiky tower leans across the grasslands of Nidal's southwestern plains.25 Home to the sadistic fleshweaver Mother Ravel, the tower is also the subject of an unusual conflict between tarry demodands and a fragile alliance of Desnans and cultists of Rovagug.2
The Vale of Shadows
Located in the Five Kings Mountains, the boundary here between Golarion and the Netherworld has weakened terribly. Until 4711 AR, it was the location of the Crown of Twilight, part of a set of weapons for use against minions of the Rough Beast in case of an escape that were kept in a temple of Shelyn, the sister of Zon-Kuthon, within the Star Tower.6
The Star Tower of Castle Scarwall
Located in the Hold of Belkzen, this Star Tower was chosen by the warlord Kazavon as the site to build his fortress due to its sacred connection to Zon-Kuthon. The Star Tower stands 110 feet tall, and its foundation is rooted hundreds of feet into the ground to a deep set of volcanic tunnels. The tower is difficult to enter because it is warded with powerful magic.1
The Star Tower of Vekheen
This tower was conquered by the dragon Raskineya in an attempt to release Rovagug.7


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