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Drellis Artume

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Lord Drellis Artume
Titles King of Artume
Homeland Artume, River Kingdoms
Died 4690 AR

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 10

Lord Drellis Artume was an Andoran nobleman who fled into the River Kingdoms after his homeland's successful People's Revolt. He began the construction of a large keep on the banks of the Sellen River and gathered his followers and family there. He soon began to organize the local farmers and shepherds for the common defense, eventually declaring himself the king of the newly formed nation of Artume. After a series of disagreements with the Outlaw Council of the nearby, and much larger city of Daggermark, he was assassinated in 4690 AR. His wife, the Lady Sovella Artume, foolishly handed rule to the crusading paladin Sir Bransen Waike, who forsook his oath to fight the demons of the Worldwound and usurped her son as ruler of Artume.[1]

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