Eight Courts

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The Eight Courts of the Boneyard, each corresponding to another plane of the Outer Sphere, surround Pharasma's Court. Each court contains a large portal to the corresponding plane and numerous smaller portals leading to deities' divine realms, as well as shrines to the gods and to the dead themselves, in the hope of providing comfort to them. The courts are bustling with psychopomps and agents of the gods and other planes, the latter of which claim and welcome souls to their destined plane. These visitors sometimes leave behind gifts, candles, paper crafts, or food as offerings.1

The one exception is the barren Devouring Court, corresponding to Abaddon, which few willingly visit, and no one leaves offerings behind there. The only permanent structure is a smooth, pitch-black portal emitting the sounds of screaming, gnashing teeth, and bubbling spittle. Only the souls claimed by Urgathoa, Zyphus, or the Apocalypse Riders are escorted out of the court; everyone else must go alone, as the daemon harbingers and their servants are banned from the Boneyard. A demon and a devil are stationed at the Devouring Court, authorised by Pharasma to persuade souls sent to Abaddon to choose Hell or the Outer Rifts instead. Many panicking souls accept, though many refuse out of spite.1


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