Pharasma's Court

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Pharasma's holy symbol.

Within the Boneyard, a series of granite forums and plazas surround Pharasma's Palace. Collectively, these areas are known as Pharasma's Court. Despite the name, the Lady of Graves does not preside over these forums. Rather, this is where the yamaraj are presented with the souls of mortals whose lives did not reflect a particular alignment and, therefore, require adjudication. Whenever an ambiguous case comes before one of these judges, representatives of the various interested parties (typically planar outsiders) arrive to advocate for their particular case. During such trials, lesser psychopomps act as bailiffs while also supplying relevant details about the life of the mortal soul in question.1 Such cases come up often, and are presented in a semi-orderly manner as each interested party argues fiercely for their case. On rare occasions, particularly when a mortal's soul is split between two radically opposed ideologies, these trials break down into violence.2


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