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Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 143

Elananxes are malicious fey resembling large, stocky felines, and have close ties to fire.1


Elananxes, when attacked, can disperse into clouds of airborne ash filling up to twenty cubic feet. This ash cloud is hot enough to burn creatures within it, and the elananx can reconstitute itself in any point within this cloud. They are also immune to fire, and possess fiery bites.1

Ecology and society

Elananxes are cruel creatures and savor the suffering of their prey. Consequently, they habitually draw out their hunts for as long as possible, in order to fully enjoy their targets' fear and pain.1

Elananxes are typically solitary creatures, but will sometimes gather in a group referred to as a "billow" in order to hunt large prey. They also associate with redcaps, who consider the felines' cleverness and cruelty to make them ideal hunting companions and often seek them out to form alliances. Redcaps also enjoy watching multiple elananxes hunt a single creature. However, elananxes never permit allied redcaps to mount on their backs, as they despise being ridden.1

Elananxes are fascinated by fire, and enjoy capering through blazing forest fires. Some have deliberately sparked forest fires with their burning bites in order to enjoy the beauty of the flames and the pain they inflict on other creatures.1

Elananxes typically inhabit hilly areas and forests, and favor areas rich in intelligent prey.1


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