Etrixia Star-Touched

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Etrixia Star-Touched
Alignment Chaotic good
Race/Species Aasimar
Class Cleric 6 / Psychic 8
Gender Female
Homeland Atteran Ranches, Nidal
Deity Desna
Organization Dreamtenders

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 49

Etrixia Star-Touched is the leader of the Dreamtenders, a secret cult of Desna in the plains of Nidal. Due to her celestial heritage, Etrixia has been persecuted by the Umbral Court since childhood, and their tortures, meant to kill her slowly and painfully, inspired her work with the Dreamtenders. She operates the Atteran Ranches, accepting any who need help, and has recently caught wind of a rumor that a member of the Umbral Court is personally searching for the Harp of Night's Hope, an artifact sacred to Desna.[1]


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