Adamant Company

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Adamant Company
Leader Myrkos Roarik
Headquarters Pangolais
Goals To serve the will of the Black Triune
Scope Nidal
Structure Military company

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 137

The Adamant Company is a military organization who acts as the enforcer of the Black Triune, the rulers of Nidal's shadowy capital, Pangolais. The organisation's main role is to enforce complete loyalty to the Triune within the Uskwood and beyond. They are lead by the ruthless vampire general, Mykos Roarik, who is an ancient veteran of the Everwar.[1]


As subjects of Nidal, the members of the Adamant Company are required to adhere to the state religion, that of Zon-Kuthon. Despite this, they also greatly respect the terrible Spawn of Rovagug known as the Tarrasque, although they do not worship him or his creator Rovagug as a god. They simply see him as a perfect melding of drive and purpose, the absolute apotheosis of desire, form, and action.[2]


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