Faceless butcher

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Faceless butcher

Source: Siege of the Dinosaurs, pg(s). 80

Faceless butchers are consummate serial killers, who steal their victims faces and identities.1 Despite the name, they have no relation to the aberrations known as faceless stalkers.


In its true form, a faceless butcher appears as a burly humanoid whose most notable feature is their lack of a face. In place of the features one might expect on a humanoid's skull, they have only blank flesh, marked only by mangled holes where the typical orifices would be.1

Habitat and ecology

Faceless butchers are known figures in folklore, and stories about them heavily focus on their signature murder weapon: a massive and bloodied meat cleaver. In small communities that know of them, there is no shortage of rumors to be passed around that someone returning from a long and secluded trip may be an imposter in their form. Despite this fearful reputation, there is a definite way to reveal such impostors: whether in their own form or a disguise, a faceless butcher is mute.1


Faceless butchers carry little with them other than what is needed to sell their impersonations. There are only two items they keep between disguises. The first is their cleaver, which serves as both their preferred murder weapon, and the tool with which they remove their victim's faces. The second is the bag in which they carry their stolen faces.1


A faceless butcher is capable of shapeshifting into any creature whose face it has in its possession. While wearing another's form, a faceless butcher's true alignment is suppressed, allowing them to better sell their deceptions. In their true form, they give off an aura of supernatural fear.1


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