Faithful Daughter

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Faithful Daughter
Race/Species Jackalwere
Gender Female
Homeland Katapesh
Deity Lamashtu

Source: Dark Markets, A Guide to Katapesh, pg(s). 22

Faithful Daughter is a jackalwere priestess of the demon-goddess Lamashtu, frequently found in humanoid form in the marketplaces of the city of Katapesh. She dresses in tattered, brown robes that are always slashed above the abdomen, revealing a mass of brutal scars. Faithful Daughter is always veiled, and her true appearance is a matter of some debate among those who frequent the suqs of the city. Some believe she has a horribly disfigured face, some that she is beautiful, while others speculate that she wears a jackal's face, no matter her form. The priestess does not openly proselytize, but will make herself available seeking information about the Mother of Monsters.[1]