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Type Magical beast
CR 2
Environment Warm deserts

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 154

A jackalwere is a magical jackal-like creature found in the warmer, arid parts of Golarion, which can transform itself into a humanoid and hybrid humanoid–wolf shape. Superstitious folk consider it the emissary of evil gods or spirits, but this is not the case. Jackalweres have a taste for the flesh of humanoids.[1]

Known powers

Jackalweres are natural shapechangers, but cannot take on the appearance of different humanoids or jackals; their shape is locked into one individual. In their jackal or humanoid forms, they appear like an ordinary member of that species. Their hybrid form is powerful with a humanoid torso, and the head and legs of a bipedal jackal. In all forms they possess a mesmerizing effect that gives them the ability to put others to sleep for short amounts of time. They can also communicate with other jackals, and are resistant to most attacks, except for those made by cold iron weapons.[1]

On Golarion

These creatures are known to be particularly prevalent in the nation of Katapesh,[2][3] where they have been known to interbreed with the native human population while in their humanoid form.[4] Rumors have begun spreading in the Katapeshi trade town of Solku that the settlement is riddled with jackalwere spies. Some paranoid merchants have therefore demanded of the city government that anyone entering the city be tested to confirm their identity, a suggestion that has thus far been ignored due to reasons of cost and logistics.[5]

Ecology and habitat

Jackalweres most often travel in packs, although solitary individuals can sometimes be found. They prefer to attack caravans travelling through the wilderness, either ambushing them at night while they are sleeping, or else taking on human form and infiltrating a caravan first. They are often found in the company of normal jackals, whom they use as guards and companions.[3]


The jackalweres of Katapesh worship the demon-goddess Lamashtu privately in their dens, and believe she is the progenitor of their race. A jackalwere priestess of Lamashtu named Faithful Daughter can sometimes be found in humanoid form in the marketplaces of the city of Katapesh.[6]