Filth (district)

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The Filth is one of the three districts of the small Ustalavic city of Carrion Hill in the swampy southern banks of Kingfisher River. The Filth is the lowest part of the city, a series of natural or artificial islands, at the base of the high hill where the poor and desperate dwell. The district is also home to the vital but dirty industries run by cruel taskmasters like tanners, gong farmers, street cleaners, the fisheries, and the dirty middenstone vats. The islands are connected by old boardwalks and stone bridges. Much of the city's waste ends up here and the water clogs with flotsam. Several barges work clearing the waterways. The swampy shores of the islands are unstable and the buildings are built on wooden pilings sunk deep into the ground. The stench is overwhelming especially in summer. A huge number of rats, flies and particularly a species of maroon cockroach dwell here. The poorest residents live in hovels clustered together.1