Kingfisher River

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The Ustalavic Kingfisher River flows for about eighty miles in a generally eastern or north-eastern direction from its source in the north-eastern Hungry Mountains to its confluence with the mighty West Sellen River at the border of Ustalav with Numeria. Its progression may be characterized as follows:1

  • The Kingfisher River has its source in the south of Ardeal county;
  • quickly becomes the border between Ardeal and Versex county;
  • becomes the border between Versex and the blighted region of the Furrows, passing to the north of the settlement of Carrion Hill which lies within the swampland area called the Wrythe;2
  • becomes the border between Varno county and the Furrows;
  • becomes the border between Barstoi county and the Furrows;
  • passes through the Evergray forest within Barstoi;
  • meets the West Sellen River at the Barstoi's border with Numeria.

In Carrion Hill, the locals are used to the Kingfisher generating morning and evening fog that rolls over the surrounding landscape every day circling the hill on which the settlement has been built. They are also used to the city's Filth district clogging the river with vast quantities of rubbish leaving a disgusting foreshore and requiring barges to regularly attempt to clear the river of the detritus.3