Flame that Binds

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The Flame that Binds is a magic shop in Tarheel Promenade district. It is painted in absurdly vivid colors to ensure it stands out among the temples in the area. The owner, Carthagos, is a bloatmage with a fascination in magical weapons. To the point that if someone walks in with a weapon he hasn't seen before, he will offer them a discount if they allow him to study it. He uses this knowledge in his business to specialize in the construction of these arcane weapons.[1]

The Flame also sells spell components and reagents for spell casters, making it a popular hang out for novice wizards who are trying to escape notice of the Arcanists' Circle. This reputation also brings mages who are not established businessmen with their own shops to his store for meetings with potential customers. Carthagos allows this as long as he gets his cut of any deal made.[1]


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