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Arcanists' Circle

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Arcanists' Circle
Type Magical trade cabal
Leader Suthevan Gyves
Headquarters Wheel Unbroken, Kaer Maga
Goals Profit to fund esoteric magical research
Scope Local
Structure Guild
Members Arcane magic users

Source: City of Strangers, pg(s). 24, 38–39

The Arcanists' Circle is a guild of Kaer Maga's most powerful arcane magic users, artificers, and researchers that manufactures magic items and potions. The members work together to save costs manufacturing items. The Circle then uses the profits to fund senior members' research into obscure magical concepts. It is housed in the Wheel Unbroken in Kaer Maga.[1][2][3]


One notable and respected member of the Arcanists' Circle is Luciana Ardoc known for her abilities as an artificer. She joined the Circle after fleeing her oppressive family.[4]