Formian myrmarch

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Formian myrmarch

Monstrous humanoid
Warm or temperate land or underground
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 109

Formian myrmarchs are the elite caste of the formian hive.1


Formian myrmarchs have upper bodies as big as warriors', but their enlarged thorax and abdomen give them the same general size as a horse. Their tail ends in a wickedly barbed stinger. Like other formians, myrmarchs record their life history and accomplishments upon their carapaces. Some myrmarchs live long enough to run out of space on their exoskeletons and have to add new artificial plates to continue recording.1


Formian myrmarchs live relatively long lives by formian standards (roughly as long as humans do). Due to their aristocratic role, they are even deadlier than the warriors under their command, and often fight with javelins tipped with their own venom.1


Formian myrmarchs answer directly to the queen, serving as her agents, advisers, bodyguards and generals, as well as administrators and diplomats in tasks deemed too difficult for taskmasters.1


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