Fort Riverwatch

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Fort Riverwatch
Nation River Kingdoms
Region Echo Wood
Size Small town

Source: Thornkeep (book), pg(s). 27

Fort Riverwatch is a small town, located ten miles northwest of the village of Thornkeep. It stands on the banks of the West Sellen River and is the last settlement of the River Kingdoms before one crosses into Numeria or Ustalav. The town serves the barge traffic along the West Sellen. After Mosswater's destruction, Fort Riverwatch is the only port along the river between Lockridge, more than 100 miles to the south, and the muddy fishing town of Dravod Knock, 250 miles to the north. The knights of Iomedae established a garrison at Riverwatch in 4623 AR, and assumed the task of protecting the area. The knights govern the settlement and keep the river and roads safe for travel although they don't have the strength to clean out the lawless village of Thornkeep.[1]


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