Dravod Knock

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Dravod Knock

Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 144

The muddy fishing town of Dravod Knock is located on the eastern banks of Lake Prophyria in the Kellid nation of Numeria. Across the lake lies the city of Karcau,1 but Dravod Knock could not be more different from that cultured, Ustalavic city. Its houses are little more than crude wooden shacks speckled with generations of river silt, while its people make their simple living from fishing the waters of Lake Prophyria, or firing bricks using the copious mud found along its shore. Despite their poverty, the Kellid inhabitants of Dravod Knock are a proud bunch who cling to ancient traditions, many of which seem to revolve around the very mud that seems to be the town's foremost identifier. Countless social occasions are tied to the mud, from how they bury their dead to how they execute their criminals.2


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