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Nation River Kingdoms
Region Lambreth
Size Small town
Population 1,810[1]
Ruler Angelidis family
Leader Morissa Angelidis, mayor

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 24

Lockridge is one of the three large towns in the River Kingdom of Lambreth. It was founded by Angelidis family in 4394 AR. Lockridge overlooks the rapids formed where the Sellen River emerges from deep canyons cut through the Juviler Hills. The rapids were a serious obstacle for merchants travelling this part of the river, requiring skilled pilots and small crafts. The Angelidis family constructed a number of canal locks that bypassed the cataract and demolished the shanty town of Troxell, replacing it with stone wharves and warehouses along the canals. While the family carefully respects the freedom of the river itself, many merchants pay to take advantage of the locks, especially those hauling quarried Juviler granite and polished agate.[2]

Morissa Angelidis is the elected mayor of Lockridge, travelling to Maashinelle only upon matters of importance.[2]


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