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GM Screen (Second Edition)

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Pathfinder GM Screen
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Accessory - GM screen
Release date
August 1, 2019
Folding hardcover book stock
Rule set

This article covers a topic relevant to Pathfinder Second Edition. For the Pathfinder First Edition equivalent, see GM Screen (First Edition).

The Pathfinder GM Screen or GM Screen (Second Edition), the first Pathfinder Accessories product for Pathfinder Second Edition, was released on August 1, 2019.

Accelerate Your Game!
Keep crucial rules on hand, and protect your notes and die rolls from player eyes with the Pathfinder GM Screen! This beautiful four-panel, landscape-style screen features stunning artwork from Ekaterina Burmak on the players' side, and a huge number of charts and tables on the GM's side to speed up play and reduce time spent leafing through rulebooks in search of key modifiers or results. The Pathfinder GM Screen gives you the tools you need to keep the game fast and fun: conditions, death and dying rules, tables for setting DCs, creature elite and weak adjustments, summaries of actions, and more. Constructed of ultra-high-grade hardcover book stock, this durable screen is perfect for travel, convention play, and repeated regular use.