Occult Spell Deck

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Pathfinder Spell Cards: Occult
Pathfinder Spell Cards: Occult
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print $29.99
PDF $20.99
Released June 24, 2020
Type Spell Cards
Deck size More than 200 cards
ISBN ISBN 978-1-64078-247-1
Rules set PF2
Series Pathfinder Spell Cards
Follows Pathfinder Spell Cards: Focus
Precedes Pathfinder Spell Cards: Primal
Artwork from Occult Spell Deck

Pathfinder Spell Cards: Occult, a Pathfinder Spell Cards deck for Pathfinder Second Edition, was released on June 24, 2020.

Your hero knows the mysterious secrets of the multiverse, so how come you're always flipping through the rulebook when it comes time to cast a spell? This invaluable set of Pathfinder Spell Cards contains more than 200 spell reference cards for every occult spell in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, giving you just as much mastery over the secrets of Pathfinder's magic as your player character!