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Pathfinder Accessories

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Pathfinder GM Screen, the first product in the Pathfinder Accessories product line.

Paizo's Pathfinder Accessories product line provides decks of cards and other accessories supporting Pathfinder Second Edition and the Pathfinder Lost Omens setting product line.

It succeeded the Pathfinder Cards product line, as well as other accessories (such as GM screens) produced under other lines or without a product line.

Level up your Pathfinder experience by adding Pathfinder Accessories to your game! Keep fast-paced combat moving with the Combat Pad and have the rules at your fingertips with rules reference cards. We've got tools to help GMs including stylish GM screens, as well as helpful references for players like condition cards. Whatever you need to bring your campaign to life, we've got the perfect accessories for your game. Paizo releases Pathfinder accessories on a roughly bi-monthly basis.


Cover Title Release Date
Pathfinder GM Screen.jpg Pathfinder GM Screen 20190801 August 1, 2019
Character Sheet Pack.jpg Character Sheet Pack 20190801 August 1, 2019
Pathfinder Combat Pad.jpg Pathfinder Combat Pad 20190801 August 1, 2019
Condition Card Deck.jpg Condition Card Deck 20190801 August 1, 2019
Critical Hit Deck.jpg Critical Hit Deck 20191016 October 16, 2019
Critical Fumble Deck.jpg Critical Fumble Deck 20191016 October 16, 2019
Weapons & Armor Deck.jpg Weapons & Armor Deck 20200129 January 29, 2020
Pathfinder Bestiary Battle Cards.jpg Pathfinder Bestiary Battle Cards 20200226 February 26, 2020
Adventure Gear Deck.jpg Adventure Gear Deck 20200226 February 26, 2020
Chase Cards Deck.jpg Chase Cards Deck 20200429 April 29, 2020
Advanced GM Screen.jpg Advanced GM Screen 20201014 October 14, 2020
NPC Battle Cards.jpg NPC Battle Cards 20201014 October 14, 2020
Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Battle Cards.png Pathfinder Bestiary 2 Battle Cards 20201111 November 11, 2020
Magic Armaments Deck.jpg Magic Armaments Deck 20210331 March 31, 2021
Potions and Talismans Deck.jpg Potions and Talismans Deck 20210602 June 2, 2021
Bestiary 3 Battle Cards.png Bestiary 3 Battle Cards 20210922 September 22, 2021
Hero Point Deck.png Hero Point Deck 2021110 November 10, 2021
Alchemy Deck.jpg Alchemy Deck 20211110 November 10, 2021
Guns Deck.png Guns Deck 20220330 March 30, 2022
Gears Deck.png Gears Deck 20220330 March 30, 2022

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