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Gatewalkers Player's Guide

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Gatewalkers Player's Guide
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December 13, 2022
January 10, 2023

Gatewalkers Player's Guide, a Pathfinder Adventure Path player's guide by Patrick Renie, was released officially on January 10, 2023.

Months ago on a crisp summer evening, aiudara across Golarion were flooded with a brilliant white light. In this flash, those witnessing it saw something familiar, something compelling that made them step through the gate. Those who returned don't recall what was on the other side, but what transpired will have changed them forever. This is their Missing Moment.

In this Adventure Path, the player characters are gatewalkers—a term coined by a paranormal researcher named Dr. Ritalson studying this event. Your characters were touched by the event and exhibit strange new powers they didn't possess before the Missing Moment. The campaign begins with the PCs accompanying the eccentric Dr. Ritalson to Sevenarches to investigate a potentially related event, but their actions and examinations soon set them on a far-flung path to get to the bottom of their forgotten months and its implications on the world.

Inside the Gatewalkers Player’s Guide you'll find player-friendly, spoiler-free information and tips to help you make an exciting new character perfect for the Gatewalkers Adventure Path.

This player’s guide contains:

  • More information about the Missing Moment that drew your character into the events of this campaign.
  • Collected information on using deviant abilities pulled from Pathfinder Dark Archive.
  • Character suggestions, including recommendations for alignments, ancestries, classes, languages, skills, and feats well suited for this Adventure Path.
  • New backgrounds to inspire your character's own reason for stepping through the gate, including Dreams of Vengeance and Sense of Belonging.


How to Use This Guide
p. 3
The Missing Moment
p. 3
  • Lost Time
  • Gatewalkers
  • Dr. Ritalson's Mission
Character Suggestions
p. 4
  • Alignments
  • Ancestries
  • Classes
  • Languages
  • Skills and Feats
  • Backgrounds
  • Table: Suggested Character Options
Deviant Abilities
p. 8