General's knights

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General's knights
Type Military
Leader General Cabol Voran
Headquarters Touvette
Goals Protect the citizens of Touvette and enforce the law.
Scope Regional (Touvette)
Structure Military

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 54

The General's knights of the River Kingdom of Touvette guard the roads and patrol the countryside to protect the citizens from bandits, monsters, and other threats. They are hand-picked by the General Cabol Voran and they answer only to him. The title of the knight is considered a great honor. A knight serves as a "road judge" and has the right to try and execute criminals according to the General's Code of Law. Knights have special privileges in Touvette. They pay for nothing because of their sacrifice for the kingdom and their obedience to the General. Their expenses are met by the grateful populace. Lieutenant Baljaron Tou bears the title of the Master of the Knights.[1]


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