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Land River Kingdoms
Alignment Lawful neutral
Capital Avendale
Ruler General Cabol Voran, High Lord Protector
Government Military dictatorship
Adjective Touvette
Religions None (atheist)

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 54f.

Touvette is one of the River Kingdoms. It borders upon Pitax to the northeast and Gralton to the west and south. It has prime farm and ranch land, and prospered under King Aven I. However, under King Aven II it started to fall apart and descended into religious warfare.

In 4699 AR,[1] General Cabol Voran launched a successful military coup, overthrew the monarchy and drove out all the priests and became High Lord Protector of Touvette.

The temples now serve as "charities" – a mixture of magistrate's court, refuge, militia base, school, hospital and government office. The citizens are well looked after, and begin each day by thanking the General for saving them from laziness and religion. Speaking against the General carries the death penalty.

Crimes are punished harshly. The peace is maintained by the General's knights, a hand-picked group authorised to summarily try and (if necessary) execute criminals, and who never pay for goods and services—their expenses are met by the grateful populace.

All young men must serve at least four years in the army.

Foreigners must have travel passes. Those found without valid documents are assumed to be spies or saboteurs, and treated accordingly.[2]