Cabol Voran

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Cabol Voran

General, High Lord Protector of Touvette
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 54

General Cabol Voran is the ruler of the River Kingdom of Touvette. In 4699 AR,1 he launched a successful military coup, overthrew King Aven II, drove out all the priests and became High Lord Protector of Touvette. The General united the army, reclaimed the kingdom's borders, evicted the treacherous churches, and brought a harsh peace to the people.2

General Cabol Voran is ruthless. The few priests who tried to remain were publicly flogged, their bloody bodies tied to carriages and driven through the streets of Avendale, where the people threw rocks at their heads. When he conquered an enemy general, he crucified his opponent and carried him like a banner into battle. His own men feared the General mad but he secured his borders. He reshaped Touvette in his own image: hard, unyielding, ruthless, and effective. The General transformed the temples into what he called "charities" which serve as schools, hospitals, and government buildings. The citizens are well looked after, and begin each day by thanking the General for saving them from laziness and religion. Speaking against the General carries the death penalty.2

The General demands all young men be trained as soldiers in Touvette's army. They receive training from professional soldiers at the local charities and they serve the army for at least four years. If they choose to not serve more, they keep their gear as the kingdom may call them to fight. Crimes are punished harshly. The peace is maintained by the General's knights, a hand-picked group authorised to summarily try and (if necessary) execute criminals, and who never pay for goods and services—their expenses are met by the grateful populace.2