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Crawling hand
Giant crawling hand
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Source: Lost Mammoth Valley, pg(s). 38

Crawling hands are severed hands empowered with necromantic energies to gain a crude form of sentience. While most are created, some form spontaneously when a creature loses an appendage in a place infused with such energies or with a close connection to the Void. A crawling hand formed from a larger creature, such as a giant, is called a giant crawling hand.12


Necromancers share a legend about the first crawling hand, in which an ancient wizard's hand became possessed during a summoning ritual, strangled them in their sleep, dragged their corpse to a workbench, and severed itself from the body. This legendary crawling hand was then believed to have gone on a murderous spree before escaping into a city's sewers, where the tale claims it continues to commit murders unabated.1


Crawling hands are stealthy creatures and often attempt to strangle1 or otherwise stifle the voices of3 their foes, cutting off their victims' abilities to speak or cast spells.1 A crawling hand can be marked with a target's blood, whether anointed with it or by contact from its own attempts to harm a creature, after which it relentlessly tracks that marked quarry.1

A crawling hand can understand Common tongues but cannot speak,1 though some can communicate by manipulating pockets of air within their flesh to whistle or form crude approximations of words.4 Crawling hands can also sense forms of life and the sources of nearby vibrations.1 Some crawling hands can climb sheer walls in a manner similar to a spider.5

When pierced or cut, giant crawling hands spurt sickening, void energy-infused pus.1

Many of these creatures working together can form a crawling hand swarm that can pummel a victim with their claws.3

Known crawling hands