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Eovath, a frost giant.

Traits Giant, humanoid
Level Varies
Adjective giant
Images of giants

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 170–175, 346

Type Humanoid
CR Varies
Environment Varies
Alignment Varies
Adjective giant
Images of giants

Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2, pg(s). 307

Giant is the name given to a large number of over-sized humanoids living on Golarion.[1]


Rune giants defending their mountain home.

All giants share one common trait: massive humanoid forms. They often range from 12 to 40 feet tall and measure their weight in tons.[2]


There are many forms of giant on Golarion broadly classifiable into two categories: true giants and giantkin.[3] True giants are sometimes referred to as giantkind.[4]


Though potentially able to speak many languages, giants also have a common language known simply as Giant. The language of the giants that exists today is a mixture of Cyclops and Thassilonian. First used by the giant slaves of the runelords in the time before Earthfall, it spread to the rest of Golarion after the destruction of that realm.[5]


Giants worship many deities depending on their outlook on life: some giants are thoroughly evil, others much more benign. Their worship can vary considerably by giant race and culture, but all exemplify strength and many incorporate the elements as well.[6]

  • Aegirran: Storm giant demigod of dreams, sailing and voyages
  • Bergelmir: Storm giant goddess of elders, family, and genealogy
  • Fandarra: Giant goddess of birth, death, earth and knowledge
  • Haggakal: God of ogres, darkness and inbreeding
  • Kostchtchie: Demon lord of giants and cold
  • Minderhal: Giant god of creation, justice, giants and strength; law & crafting, architecture, stonework, metalwork
  • Skode: Storm giant demigod of diurnal beasts, hunting evil, and trophies
  • Skrymir: Storm giant god of riddles, wanderlust, and wit
  • Thremyr: Frost giant god of ice, salt and tribute
  • Tjasse: Storm giant demigod of giant birds, mountain peaks, and pride
  • Urazra: God of battle, brutality and strength
  • Urxehl: Demon lord of storms and trolls
  • Zursvaater: Fire giant god of conquest, slavery and weapons

Some giants are also known to worship their Ancestral Spirits rather than a particular deity.[7][8]


Paizo published major works about giants in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line (Giants Revisited) and the Pathfinder Player Companion line (Giant Hunter's Handbook). It also published an article about giant organizations, titled "Titanic Alliances", in Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen.

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