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Traits Aberration
Level 12
Adjective Gogiteth

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 183

Gogiteths are monstrous, spider-like aberrations found in the deepest reaches of the Darklands. Their origins are unclear; some consider them to be descended from errors in experimental fleshwarping, while others link them to the Dominion of the Black.[1]


Gogiteths possess numerous long, jointed legs, the front two terminating in pincers. A gogiteth's back is covered in eyes, and they possess numerous stalked, toothy mouths.[1]


Gogiteths are found in the Darklands layers of Orv and Sekamina, where they compete with other subterranean predators for food and resources. They live in hives, relying upon each other for safety from other underground dangers. A gogiteth hive can be home to up to two dozen creatures. Gogiteths are occasionally reported as joining with each other in eery, whistling songs.[1]

Gogiteths inevitably menace any other Darklands residents they neighbor. Drow and duergar both consider them threats, and are willing to ally with erstwhile enemies to respond to potential gogiteth infestations.[1]

Great Gogiteths

Unconfirmed rumors claim the existence of great gogiteths: creatures said to be hundreds of feet long and capable of spawning hordes of their weaker relatives. Great gogiteths are further rumored to be reclusive creatures that spend most of their lives in remote caverns dreaming of cruelty and violence.[1]


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