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Gogpodda is a floating island on the Steaming Sea and the larger Arcadian Ocean, formed naturally from flotsam, jetsam, animal carcasses, and seaweed that accumulated on the waves into an artificial landmass miles wide and dozens of feet thick. A group of gnome explorers discovered the island after a shipwreck and found it habitable thanks to the fish and shrimp living in the wreckage and plants fertilized by gull droppings. After repairing their ships, many of the castaways remained on Gogpodda and formed a settlement and were soon joined by new gnome settlers from the mainland.1

The gnomes of Gogpodda live off the island's scant bounty, supplemented by supplies from the mainland. Many of the island's inhabitants are only temporary, lured by the promise of new discoveries in the wreckage. Gogpodda floats throughout the Steaming Sea and larger Arcadian Ocean, and has at times come within distance of Hermea, Mordant Spire, Avistan, and even distant Arcadia, facilitating trade with those locales. Efforts to control the island's movement have so far met with failure.2


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