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Type Military
Leader Runewulf the Unbeliever
Headquarters Ascendant Court, Absalom
Goals Maintain order in the district
Scope Local
Structure Military

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 14

The Graycloaks are the district guard for Absalom's Ascendant Court district, and are tasked with keeping the peace in the polytheistic neighborhood. Their members are drawn from those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of any truly divine beings. They believe gods exist, divine magic being the most obvious proof of them, but see them simply as very powerful beings, unworthy of adoration.[1] They are commanded by Runewulf the Unbeliever, an Ulfen man who is cousin to the famous White Estrid.[2]


Like their name implies, members of the Greycloaks dress in simple, gray woolen cloaks without any symbol or identifying marker. This lack of insignia is yet another proof that no religion holds any sway over them, an important characteristic in a district known for extreme religious plurality.[1]