Runewulf the Unbeliever

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Runewulf the Unbeliever

Source: The God's Market Gamble, pg(s). 7 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 351 (2E)

Runewulf the Unbeliever is the commander of the Graycloaks, the district watch of Absalom's Ascendant Court. A human of Ulfen heritage, he is the cousin of the famous White Estrid, king of the Linnorm Kingdom of Halgrim.12 He is known as "the Unbeliever" due to his inability to believe in anything that he cannot hear or see. This fact makes Runewulf an ideal choice for district guard captain for the Ascendant Court, as he cannot be accused of showing favor to any one of the countless religions practiced there.34

Runewulf first gained fame from his exploits in the Irorium, where he fought alongside White Estrid and continued competing after she departed. His reputation as an atheist, his nickname as the Unbeliever, began from his refusal to credit any deity for his victories. He retired from combat in 4709 AR after winning a brutal fight that left him near death, after which the Graycloaks recruited him to replace corrupt and ejected former captain Fulldrin Blythe.4


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