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Great White Wyrm
Source: Taldor, Echoes of Glory, pg(s). 9

Thelyrox, the ancient white dragon known as the Great White Wyrm, is said to dwell on Mount Kaltafarr, an ancient extinct volcano in the Southern Range of Taldor's World's Edge Mountains. He is still greatly feared, despite the fact that the wyrm has not been spotted in over a century.1


The Great White Wyrm once ruled the Headwater Gap, the break in the World's Edge Mountains south of the Southern Range, through fear and terror. When Qadira ruled this area, they sent numerous dragon slayers to deal with the menace, but none was ever heard from again. The final group sent were the Shining Blades of Katheer, who claimed to be in possession of a magical artifact capable of dealing with the white dragon. Even though they disappeared during their mission, the wyrm ceased his attacks, and has not been heard from since.1


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