World's Edge Mountains

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The World's Edge Mountains are mountains that separate eastern Taldor, and indeed Avistan from the Whistling Plains of Casmaron. It is divided into two long ranges, separated by the Porthmos Gap.1

The Gouged Eye tribe dwells in caverns under the mountains. These savage orcs frequently clash with the Taldan military and are considered vicious even by orc standards.2

Northern range

Ranging from the Porthmos Gap almost to Yanmass, the northern half of the mountains are vast, jagged and snow-capped and considered generally impassable; they are the section described as the World's Edge Mountains, when describing the two ranges individually.1

Southern Range

The Southern Range runs from the Porthmos Gap south and into Qadira, and contains some of the tallest mountains on Golarion, crossed only by the dangerous Emperor's Pass on cloud-shrouded Emperor's Peak. Mount Kaltafarr, the tallest peak in Taldor, can be found in the Southern Range. Until recently, the Great White Wyrm, an ancient white dragon, threatened much of the region.1