Gutdragging lurcher

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Gutdragging Lurcher

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Source: U2: Hangman's Noose, pg(s). 30-31

A foul type of undead that is sometimes used as a divine punishment for evil, gluttonous souls, gutdragging lurchers are thankfully not a particularly common form of undead.1


Gutdragging lurchers look like normal, if slightly bloated, corpses with one large exception: the abdomen is always ripped open with animated entrails protruding from this horrible wound. This viscera pulses with a life of its own, wetly groping at its surroundings. In combat, these hideous tendrils become effective weapons.

Habitat and ecology

It is believed that gutdragging lurchers were originally created by some twisted necromancer, but have begun rising spontaneously since. These spontaneous undead are normally created from a gluttonous corpse whose soul was also stained with other sins. After death, their own entrails animate and tear their way out of the corpse's stomach, hungry for more victims.

Gutdragging lurchers feed by forcing their animated intestines down the throat of their victims, then pulling out their intestines to add them to their collection of animate viscera. Despite the inhuman foulness of their feeding methods, gutdragging lurchers are quite intelligent. If rumors are to be believed, one of the crime lords of Absalom's Flotsam Graveyard is actually a gutdragging lurcher.


Choking Viscera
The gutdragging lurcher can suffocate its foe by forcing its tendrils down its opponent's throat.
Corpse Puppets
The gutdragging lurcher can slip its tendrils into the throat of a fresh corpse and animate it as a zombie under its command.
The gutdragging lurcher's entrails can reach far from the lurcher's body to attack its foes.
Nauseating Appearance
The appearance of the gutdragging lurcher is so horrible that anyone who views it risks being sickened by the sight.