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Titles Runelord of Greed
Class Wizard (transmuter)[1]
Gender Male
Homeland Shalast, Thassilon
Organization Runelords
Died Unknown; likely before -5293 AR

Source: The Dead Heart of Xin, pg(s). 69

Haphrama was the penultimate Runelord of Greed and ruler of the Thassilonian realm of Shalast before Earthfall. Legends suggest he was murdered by his mentee Karzoug, who succeeded him as the Runelord of Greed and attempted to erase all mentions of Haphrama—and his renowned spellbook, the Runes of Wealth—from the Thassilonian historical record.[2]


  1. This is assumed from the Runes of Wealth being a spellbook of high-level transmutation spells.
  2. Alexander Augunas, Steven T. Helt, and David N. Ross. (2016). Arcane Anthology, p. 18. Paizo Inc. ISBN 978-1-60125-814-4