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A wizard's spellbook
A magus carrying her spellbook.

A spellbook, sometimes termed a grimoire,[1] a shadow book, or an eldritch tome,[2] is one of a wizard's most precious possessions: he is required to study it every day in order to prepare his spells. He may only prepare spells that are written in his spellbook, with the one exception of the cantrip called read magic, which all wizards seem to be able to prepare from memory only. Sometimes wizards might share their spellbooks in order to copy new spells from each other's repertoires.[3]

Physical description

A spellbook can be quite large containing a hundred blank pages and weighing some 3 pounds; a brand new spellbook is expensive, costing 15 gp.[4][5]

Writing in spellbooks

Wizards scribe new spells into their spellbooks and each spell takes one page of the book per its level: so, a 5th level spell occupies five pages in the spellbook when finished.[5] Spells may be acquired from numerous sources, including:[6]

  • from another wizard's spellbook
  • from an arcane magical scroll
  • on achieving a greater understanding of magic and spellcasting
  • after creating a new spell from independent research

Whatever the source of the spell, writing it into a spellbook is a costly business in terms of both time and money.[6]


Arcane Anthology discusses spellbooks in detail.