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Ruler None
Government None
Languages Erutaki

Hasanaliat is a region of forested hills on the Crown of the World, home to the largest population of Erutaki on the continent. Unlike most of their folk, the Erutaki of Hasanaliat live in small scattered villages located along the area's many fertile lakes and rivers.[1] The Path of Aganhei runs through Hasanaliat, one of the safer stretches of its length.[2]

The region of Hasanaliat is sheltered by the Gaarjuk Hills to the east and the western Rimethirst Mountains to the south. Its many lakes and rivers are drained by the great Taraska River.[3]

Though Hasanaliat has no central government, villages frequently consult with each other and cooperate. There is no capital, but the largest town, Aaminiut, has a large permanent populace. The Erutaki trade with the Ulfen whalers of Almhult, who have a small colony in Hasanaliat.[1]