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The ruins of Heibarr are situated on a branch of the Sellen River in the River Kingdoms, downstream of Mormouth in Pitax and upstream of Outsea. 1

It was established in 3756 AR, eventually becoming established on both sides of the river, with a bridge in 4109 AR linking both sides. The settlement prospered until 4434 AR, when Mayor Aindon decided to build a toll gate underneath the bridge in order to tax river traffic in contravention of the third of the River Freedoms.

Discontent over the mayor's actions turned to open revolt thanks to the seditious activities of followers of Gyronna. Civil war was the result, and within twelve months the town's three thousand inhabitants were all either dead or fled, and the toll gate was destroyed. It is now a place of pilgrimage for priests of Gyronna, who leave offerings on the edge of the town.

Since then, few who have entered the ruined town have returned to tell the tale. Generally, the survivors are those who did not remain after sunset, and who did not take anything from the town. It is said that every person who died in the city now walks the streets as an incorporeal undead creature. At night they re-enact the carnage that resulted in their deaths.

The bridge still stands, and those brave (or foolhardy enough) to use it to cross the river prefer to enter the town at dawn and leave before dusk. Those who navigate the river through the town after dark have reported that sometimes ghostly figures stare at them from the river banks. 2