High Justice

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High Justice
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Astradaemon
Gender Male
Homeland Court of Amendment, Boneyard
Deity Oinodaemon

Source: Rise of New Thassilon, pg(s). 24

The self-styled High Justice is a powerful astradaemon exiled from Abaddon who seeks to awaken the long-dead Oinodaemon by feeding it sinful souls.[1]


The High Justice was exiled by the Four Horsemen for trying to communicate with the eclipse looming over Abaddon. After spending aeons in the Maelstrom, he gained a new understanding of the multiverse and became the mouthpiece of the Oinodaemon. He correctly believes that the eclipse is the Oinodaemon's eye, and seeks to open it so the Oinodaemon can annihilate the Horsemen and replace them with him.[1]

After fishing up the soul of Runelord Karzoug, the High Justice established his Court of Amendment in an ancient temple to the Oinodaemon in the Boneyard, which overlooks the expanse of Abaddon, from which he was still banned. His daemon minions hunt for powerful souls across the Great Beyond, to be brought before him: those whose sins outweigh Karzoug's are fed to the Oinodaemon's eye, while the others (which make up the majority, as Karzoug's sins are substantial) are returned to the River of Souls to lessen psychopomp interference.[1][2]


The High Justice employs astradaemons as soul gatherers, thanadaemons (who have abandoned their original patron Charon) as bailiffs, and lacridaemons to mock intruders and defendants.[2]


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