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The Histaqen is an ancient annual horse race that runs the length of the Pashman River, from its traditional starting point within the city of Katheer, east to a waypoint somewhere at the foot of the Zho Mountains, across the river, and then all the way back toward Katheer again, following the north bank of the river. The winner of the race becomes a hero for the tribes of Paresh. The prize for the race is revealed only to the winner by the Qadiran elders who organize the race. Cheating, either by magic or by skipping waypoints is punishable by death.1


The first year of the ancient race was 1290 AR, as it is recorded in the tales of the Histaqen races. More than 3,400 races have run since then. The great city of Katheer itself, now the capital of the satrapy of Qadira, was founded next to the ceremonial ground of the Histaqen race.2


Pasha Muhlia Al-Jakri had plans to enter one of her horses into the Histaqen and reached out to high-quality horse traders, such as the Overlander's Emporium in Sothis, to find a mare good enough to breed a winner with her stallions.3