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Wrath of the Accursed

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #2-20: Wrath of the Accursed
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Book - Pathfinder Society scenario

Wrath of the Accursed, a Pathfinder Society scenario written by Matthew Goodall for tier 7-11, was released in April 2011.

When Pathfinders in and around the Osirian capital of Sothis don't respond to an emergency summons to the Sothis Lodge, you are sent to discover their whereabouts. What you discover are a series of horrific murders all tied to a long-forgotten curse from the Society's past.

Scenario overview


Recurring characters, concepts, & locations

The following characters, concepts, or locations can be found in this scenario, but also significantly appear in the publications listed below:

Map support

The following Pathfinder Flip-Mat or Pathfinder Map Pack products are used in this scenario in addition to one custom map: