Zho Mountains

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The Zho Mountains run through Qadira, splitting the nation almost in half. They form an effective barrier, not due to their size (averaging a modest 7,500 feet), but because of the large number of feral beasts, draconic monsters and elemental outcasts that live within the often volcanic caverns. Rumours of hidden communities consisting of naaris,1 oreads, sylphs, and undines persist, but none of yet been discovered by explorers, leading to theories that such societies are concealed by illusion magics.2 In Qadira, the range is divided into northern and southern regions.3


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Bands of charmed and bribed ogres, semi-loyal to Qadira, roam the mountains. Their main objective is to destroy Taldan patrols, although they are just as likely to attack anyone who is obviously not a loyal Keleshite or Qadiran soldier.4

Aside from the dangers of the mountains, small Qadiran communities dot the mountain valleys, and are ideal grounds for growing grains.5


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Places of interest

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