Hommel and Brekka

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Hommel and Brekka is the last play written by Rodrik Grath. It is told in 4 short acts, and runs in less than 90 minutes from start to finish. The story is about a Shoanti named Hommel and a Chelish conqueror named Brekka. These two main characters are involved in a forbidden love.[1]


Grath had never visited the Storval Plateau, so had never seen a Shoanti. He instead took what he knew of their society from stories he was told as a child. The story itself came to him naturally, as the writer was in a forbidden love story of his own with the half-orc Brinya Kelver.[1]


This is considered Grath's best work. The people of Trunau especially enjoyed the exotic elements of the story.[1]


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