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Type Raiding party
Leader Khraigorr Half-Face
Headquarters Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Goals Hunting demons
Scope Regional
Members Barbarians

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 15

The Hornbreakers is a barbarian raiding party who have engaged in several years of successful raids into the Sarkorian Steppe. They are led by the grizzled Kellid barbarian Khraigorr Half-Face.[1]

The sight of the Hornbreakers riding into a camp, their armor and mammoth mounts decorated in horn trophies broken from the skulls and bodies of slaughtered demons, is enough to raise a thunderous roar from any barbarian camp. They ride along the length of the border seeking demonic incursions to destroy and helping to rescue other raiding parties fleeing overwhelming odds.[1]

The Hornbreakers have caught the notice of the deadly demon named Gashgelag, who nearly killed Half-Face once before.[1]