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Type Animal
CR 7
Environment Warm plains
Adjective Elephantine, elephantoid
Images of elephants

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 128
Mastodon or mammoth
Type Animal
CR 9
Environment Cold or temperate forests and plains
Adjective Mastodontic; mammoth

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 128

Elephants are large, quadrupedal herbivorous animals with thick skin and two tusks flanking a long, dexterous snout called a trunk.[1]

Ecology & Habitat

Elephants wander the plains of Golarion's warmer climates in large herds of closely-knit families. They have few natural predators, but are commonly hunted by humanoids for their ivory tusks, which are carved into various decorative objects.[1] Elephants are valued as impressive mounts by orcs across Golarion.[2]

Variant Elephant Species


Deinotheriums are large, primeval herbivores related to true elephants. Unlike their relatives, however, they have short trunks and downward-curving tusks.[3]


The mastodon is an ancient form of elephant that can still be occasionally encountered on Golarion. They have truly massive tusks that curve up towards one another, much larger than those of the elephant.[1]


Mammoths are a type of mastodon that have long hair and are adapted to living in cold environments.[1]


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