Sarkorian Steppe

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Sarkorian Steppe

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 14–17

The Sarkorian Steppe is the westernmost region of the Sarkoris Scar, bordered in the east and north by the regions of Riftshadow and Frostmire, and to the west and south by the nations of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, the Hold of Belkzen, and Ustalav. The region contains the Sarkoris Scar's largest surviving forest, the Shudderwood.1 With the exception of the Shudderwood and the ruins of cities and villages, little breaks the monotony of these relatively barren steppes.2

The Sarkorian Steppe has always been sparsely populated by humanoids; its vast reaches are instead home to immense herds of mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, elk, and other great beasts. The barbarians of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to the west have always viewed the Sarkorian Steppe as an extension of their hunting grounds.2


Bands of barbarian raiders were once common sights in the Sarkorian Steppe during the day. Two general types of barbarian raiding parties existed. The more common were those who entered the lands on foot. These barbarian bands sneaked into demonic territory and constantly worked to advance their position and slay demons; then they retreated almost as far as their previous night's camp and attempted to slowly move the border between their land and the Worldwound to the east. Their doomed efforts generally resulted in their own slaughter and the border being pushed back once more. The second type of raiding party included raiders mounted on woolly mammoths. These barbarians numbered fewer per raid, but they ventured farther on long-lasting raids, and were certainly viewed as the true elites among their people.3

One raiding party in particular deserves special mention: the Hornbreakers. The Hornbreakers were led by the grizzled barbarian Khraigorr Half-Face, and endured several years of successful raids into the Sarkorian Steppe.3


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